Letter from the President

Tim Miles, President

Let’s talk about SPEED…Internet speed and the speedtests that we all use.  Speedtests are a valuable tool to get an indication of the overall health of your connection.  Two tests typically used are www.speedtest.net by Ookla. and www.testmy.net.   Speedtest.net comes in an app for iPhone and android and are very simple to use.

Another speedtest is www.testmy.net.   This speedtest is a little different and more accurate. The big companies have learned how to cheat the common speed tests and allow you to blast speed for about 30 seconds giving you a false sense of speed.   However, Testmy.net runs a program that has your computer download multiple sized files and then times it.  There is not a way to cheat.  I have seen national cable company test results about 20% of advertised speeds on that site while they test above advertised speeds on www.speedtest.net.

Before performing any type of speedtest, please make sure there is nothing else on your connection. This is easier said than done sometimes. If you have a PlayStation or an Xbox connected, they can download updates various times of the day without your knowledge. The average American household has at least seven (7) connected devices at all times.  If there are other devices on the network while you test, it will adversely affect your results. Also, having any applications (or windows) open on your computer at the time of testing will affect the results of the test. Think of your service as a big pie. If you have a 100Mbps service and five (5) devices are using 10Mbps simultaneously the best result you will see is 50Mbps.

There is also a factor called ‘net congestion.’  Please make sure you are using a test server in Indianapolis or Chicago. Many times we have answered slow speed trouble tickets only to learn the customer was testing to a server in California.

FiberHawk is dedicated to providing you the best service, best speed, for the best price. If you believe you are not getting the proper speed please let us know and we will do everything we can to remedy the situation. If we do not hear from you we assume everything is running smooth. If you have questions or issues, please call our office at
765-922-HAWK so you can receive the best Internet service and speed possible.

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