Letter from the President

Old McDonald had a farm…E-I-E-O…and on his farm he had a cow…and a tractor with GPS, a drone, and wireless. Yes, technology is expanding into all aspects of business and this includes the family farm. Farms are becoming increasingly automated and data driven.

Wireless and GPS technology now helps farmers monitor their crops and livestock; it also combines and analyzes data to help them make better decisions.

Today’s farmers routinely use sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology.  These progressive devices, precision agriculture, and robotic systems allow businesses to be more efficient, safer, profitable, and more environmentally friendly.

Farmers rely on computers to assist them assess and then use the data from satellite images and other electronic monitoring systems on the farm. The computer is able to control the application of certain fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides through automated delivery systems.

Why is this important? It is our job to provide the rural broadband needed to bring farming into the next era. In my opinion, fiber will eventually be distributed to every single American address like single line copper service in the 1970s. Until then, wireless is a stopgap measure.

The technology of tomorrow will eat the broadband offerings of today for breakfast. Just look at how much broadband you use today, and apply it to what Internet speed you had 10 years ago. If you had 10Mbps you were lucky.

As with anything it takes time and money. The US is not going to allow another monopoly system to build the fiber, like the old Bell system of the past. Instead, we will have to rely on good ole ingenuity and American tenacity. First things first, of course, all of our towns need to be fibered up first.

Tim Miles

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