Letter from the President

Tim Miles, President

Wow, 2018!  The older I get, the faster time passes; just like technology.  When Toni and I first bought Swayzee Telephone Company in June of 2007, our entire backbone (route from the core Internet to our Central Office) was only 5 Mbps.  That was for the entire area.  Add ten plus years, fiber optics, the addition of new towns including Sheridan, Frankton, and Lapel, and we use over 10 Gbps for a backbone now.  That’s quite an increase over ten years.  Imagine what the next ten years will bring.  The advent of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, etc. has been a large factor as well.

Most of our customers in Swayzee have fiber access now.  We are finishing up with Herbst and Sims as fast as we can.  Kirklin and Sheridan will be coming on line in 2018, and soon after the plans are to add Lapel and Frankton.

Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our websites to see our progress: www.swayzee.com & www.fiberhawk.com.  All of our employees who live and work in our communities are excited about this new technology.  We look forward to bringing fiber to everyone we can.  We are also investing in some new wireless technologies to increase access for our rural patrons.  This should give us the capability to increase our speed offerings outside our populated areas.

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