Letter from the President

Tim Miles, President

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year! I have done all my homework and do everything Mom and Dad tell me to do. I want a new iPad, laptop, a new iPhone, Amazon Prime to watch 4k programs, Hulu, Netflix, a new game console (PS4 and/or Xbox 1), plus monthly gaming subscriptions for my VR glasses. My brother and 2 sisters want the same thing, because we don’t want to share and when we do want to play together it’s in separate rooms over the Internet.

We will leave cookies and milk for you and some carrots for the reindeer!

Merry Christmas and fly carefully!

Parents…how many of you remember getting exactly what you want for Christmas only to be crushed, because the batteries weren’t included? Well, not having enough broadband service is this generation’s ‘batteries not included.’

Internet usage skyrockets on December 26 every year. Many parents and grandparents don’t realize that entire games are sold and and downloaded over the Internet without the need of a physical disk. I recently bought the new Red Dead Redemption 2 and downloaded on my PlayStation 4. I was on a wireless connection in a very rural area getting 25 Mbps and it took over six hours to download (99GB).

This was done on a weekday during non-peak hours. Imagine what the Internet will be like on December 26 when thousands of people will be trying to do the exact same thing as your kids?

What can you do?  Give yourself an early Christmas present. Get more Broadband. You can never have too much. Do an assessment of all the Internet devices in your home and imagine all of them active at the same time. Decide on what amount of speed suits your needs, and then purchase the next package higher.

FiberHawk wants to make your Internet experience is seamless. If you can just splurge and get the 1G service if available and you shouldn’t have to worry about upgrading for at least 10 years. Imagine a decade of not having to hear you child scream, ‘I’m trying to take a test for school. Can you stop playing video games for an hour?’

Buy more Broadband!

Tim Miles

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